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We specialize in traditional and non-denominational wedding ceremonies at the location of your choice “anywhere in Iowa”. The key to a great wedding ceremony is one that uniquely displays who you are, the very substance and heart of the bride and groom – your love.

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable and important days in your life. Imagine your ceremony… beautiful, captivating, sincere, fun, alive, romantic, celebrating the future, embracing some tradition,… Your Love, Your Hearts, Your Wedding. Together we will design a spectacular ceremony that your family and guests will remember forever.

Incorporating elements in the ceremony that celebrate your family, your history, your love story, your future, and your legacy make your wedding distinctively you. If we together can bring your guests through tears, laughter and celebration, to the pinnacle of your hearts and relationship, then we have succeeded with excellence to make your wedding something that you and everyone will cherish eternally.

Our desire is to show honor, respect and reverence in the most important ceremony of your life as we celebrate the sacred union of two people forever in love… and to do it in a way that is comfortable, peaceful, calm, personal and encouraging.

Each service includes a custom written mini-sermon (traditionally called the wedding “foundation”) that is personalized for each bride and groom, and includes some of the high points of your own romantic “love story”.

While we believe that faith and God – the creator of marriage – are essential parts of a wedding ceremony and moreover the marriage. Our focus is not upon religion, but upon relationships. Our passion is to celebrate personal relationships in a way that honors God and respects your entire family… generations past (great grandparents, grandparents, parents) and generations future… forever!

While you may find it difficult to find a pastor, reverend, priest, or officiant that wants to do weddings outside of the church, Our Forever Promise Pastors are willing, prepared, and excited to provide professional wedding services at the location of your dreams. We are willing because we believe that God and your love can be honored anywhere you choose to have your wedding. We are prepared because we have lots of outdoor experience, sound equipment and ceremony components that are designed for weddings in all locations. We are excited because Our Forever Promise Weddings are a blessing and yours can be too!

The bottom line is that Pastor Joseph Karge is passionate about providing professional services that lead to a uniquely personal service that truly represents your hearts. We understand that you might have a little apprehension about choosing an officiant online, and we encourage you to completely research our website, email us and give us a call if you have any concerns or questions. The next step after that is to arrange for a no cost, no obligation meeting with Pastor Karge, giving you the opportunity to meet and review your expectations and needs, before making your final decision to reserve Pastor for your wedding.

As your wedding minister or officiant, we spend a lot of time helping you prepare for and experience a wedding ceremony that you will be proud of. A “good” or “great” wedding does not happen by itself. It takes a lot of planning and coordination, and there is big difference between “price” and “cost”. If the ceremony gets messed up, the “cost” will be much greater than whatever “price” you paid an officiant. Your reception, your celebration, your marriage will follow and begin at the moment your wedding ceremony is completed, and we know that you want things to start off right.

It will “cost” you less to have a first-class professional, someone you can count on to conduct your ceremony properly. The price between a “cheap” officiant and a professional isn’t more than the cost of a couple of dinners. As in everything, if something is good, it’s not cheap, and if something is cheap, it’s probably not very good. Your wedding ceremony will set the stage and tone for your entire celebration and we want what you want, a marriage and ceremony that starts out not just okay, but great!

Why Nondenominational Weddings?

By Irene Conlan

According to the Washington Post (July 2, 2006) While clergy still perform most weddings, the ceremonies are straying ever farther from tradition, reflecting a do-it-yourself attitude toward religious nuptials

How true, how true.

When I first started officiating at weddings seven years ago, non-denominational weddings were starting to proliferate. Now they seem to be exploding. Why do you think that is? I have done my best to find information and statistics and all that dull kind of stuff on the internet and I come up with zip to none. But I have my opinions and ideas about why this is happening. I’m going to share them with you and if you don’t like what I say, that ’s o.k. It ’s just an opinion about a trend.

Idea #1 More and more people are defining themselves as “spiritual” and “not religious” and don’t have a regular church in which to be married. Most of them want a wedding that includes God but some do not. They want more than a civil ceremony and they want their own spirituality reflected.

Idea #2 Couples are realizing that they don’t have to do the “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today” and make promises to love, honor and obey. More couples are wanting custom weddings and wanting to have a say in the structure and wording of the ceremony.

Idea #3 There are more interfaith marriages taking place and they need a neutral venue and a neutral ceremony that reflects their particular personal style as a couple.

Idea #4 There are more nondenominational officiants available who are creative, flexible, loving and spiritual. They are able and willing to think outside that proverbial box to help design a ceremony that is fresh and exciting to the couple. They also are generally willing to work with people with various religious and spiritual paths.

Idea #5 Weddings have become a business and officiants are advertising and letting couples know about their services.

Idea #6 The internet makes it possible for everyone who works with weddings to make their services know through websites, blogs, directories and ads. This allows people to realize they have many more options than simply a choice between a church and a civil ceremony.

“Nondenominational” is generally considered Christian oriented but not in a specific denomination such as Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal or Presbyterian. And many ministers who perform nondenominational weddings also perform Interfaith weddings such as Catholic-Jewish or Buddhist-Christian, generally trying to incorporate something from each belief system.

A wedding is a joyful celebration in which two people declare their love for each other publicly. Nondenominational weddings allow a couple to have “their ceremony their way.”

Irene Conlan has a masters degree in nursing, a doctoral degree in metaphysics, is a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained minister. She practices holistic hypnotherapy and officiates at weddings in Scottsdale, Az and the Phoenix metropolitan area. Irene can be found at: The Self Improvement Blog.

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