Children and Family Legacy Celebrations

Including Children and Family in Your Wedding

This has to be one of my favorite parts of weddings. So many precious memories. If you have children from a previous marriage, step-children or your own and are considering incorporating your family into your ceremony we have lots of samples and special ways to include them.

The Bible makes it very clear that a primary calling upon a husband and wife is to the family. God cares more about children than we can ever imagine. If you are planning to include your children as a part of your ceremony, with years of experience we can help make memories.

Above Candace deliveries some of the most moving vows to a stepson

Below Rachel and Austin’s Daughter walks down the aisle, and participates in a glass wedding ceremony. (click here to learn more about glass wedding ceremonies)

Tracey and Joel’s wedding party consisted of their children and they participated in the unity ceremony as well.

Here’s a family legacy ceremony that celebrates decades of successful marriages as Maggie and Kyle’s parents and grandparents surround them with over 300 years of marriage success during a glass unity ceremony.