Getting Started on Your Wedding

Your wedding and marriage should reflect the uniqueness of your relationship, capturing the essence of your life together

Our wedding services are planned to help you design:
  • your ceremony that is beautiful, elegant, reverent, yet fun, that is uniquely you.
  • your ceremony that reflects the personal values and spirituality that you both share.

Let’s talk! If possible, one of the best places to start is with a brief phone call. We can share a little more about what we do and learn more about your plans, and if we connect, we can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with Pastor.

Let’s Meet! You can meet with Pastor, face-to-face and free-of-charge before you make any decision. We want you to be totally comfortable, at ease and confident that you can trust us with one of the most visible and critically important parts of your ceremony and marriage. Even if your wedding is being planned many months from now, we would suggest that we set up this meeting as soon as possible, so that you can rest assured that you have the right officiant for your special day.

Request a Call from Pastor to Setup Your FREE Personal Introductory Meeting

Reserving your date and time simply requires a $150 deposit. We serve on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you’ve secured your date and time, we will not book another ceremony that would conflict with your date and time.

Reserve Your Date Now

The next step, usually about a month or two before the ceremony, is for us to meet for two premarital coaching sessions.

These sessions serve three purposes:

  • Coaching: Using three of the premier marriage counseling programs we seek to give you some lifelong tools that you can add to your relationship to help your marriage endure forever.
  • Planning Your Wedding Together: This is where your input and desires come to life, as we create, design, craft and perfect your ceremony. Because of the central role the officiant plays in the organization and presentation of the ceremony, these meetings are essential to a memorable service done with excellence.
  • Personalization: these sessions truly allow Pastor to really get to know you (and for you to get to know Pastor) preparing the way to help make your wedding service unique personal and special.

We have a lot of experience with “long-distance” wedding preparation, from Coast to Coast and even from Continent to Continent. While these meetings are essential to preparing for your wedding, we have a special understanding and flexibility with our couples that are planning Iowa weddings from the distance. We look forward to working with your special needs and concerns.

Click here to learn more about Long Distance Wedding Planning.
Click here to find our more information about the resources we use for Premarital Coaching Sessions.

Several weeks before your wedding we ask that the balance of our fees and honorariums be paid and that you present the original copy of your marriage license to Pastor. Find out how to get an Iowa Marriage License.

Learn about our Fees and Honorariums

Although it is not absolutely essential to do a rehearsal at the wedding site, if at all possible, we would suggest you plan for a wedding rehearsal.

Learn More about Your Wedding Rehearsal.

Fully prepared we will finish with a ceremony that your friends and family will remember forever!

You will have an experienced, professional officiant who is focused on you and knows you and your needs.

Your officiant will be available via cell phone and communicate with you giving you peace and assurance that they will be there.

Your officiant will provide you with the reassurance, direction, warmth and presence to put you, your friends and your family at ease.

Your officiant will ensure that the license and legal requirements are handled correctly and mail them to the proper State and County Vital Records Recorder.

Your ceremony will be conducted with professional personalization and our goal, as always, is having everyone tell you how much they adored your ceremony and how much it truly celebrated you… the bride and groom!

We take our services to heart. We become emotionally involved with you and your family, and each wedding is special to us.

After your wedding we want to hear from you.

We love pictures.

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P.S. – The secret to planning a perfect wedding is to:
  • Choose the ideal location and venue where you and your guests will be comfortable and celebrates your love.
  • Choose an experienced, reliable, and caring officiant who takes pride in celebrating God created love and marriage and is committed to praying for your marriage to be a forever marriage.
  • Share in the planning and fulfillment of a custom-made, individually tailored ceremony and vows, which reflect you and your love!