New and Unique Unity Ceremonies

Unity Ceremonies: Timeless Symbolism


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Almost every wedding ceremony includes customs and traditions handed down over the years. To turn your wedding experience for you and your guests, from the usual “Ho-hum, wedding as usual”, to a unique, personal, memorable and excellent celebration, we encourage you to consider adding your own unique unity ceremony.

Unity Celebrations–with candles, or sand, or flowers and even wine–paint an enduring picture of your love. They bring art and symbolism, the expression of your hearts and your commitment to each other to life during your ceremony.

Here’s a partial list of the ceremonies we can help you design and provide supplies for:

  • Unity Candle Ceremony
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Glass Wedding Ceremony
  • Wine Ceremony
  • Champagne and Chambord Unity Ceremony
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Signing of Marriage Certificate (and/or Vows)
  • Three Cords Ceremony (Cord of Three Strands)
  • Hand Fasting
  • Fisherman’s Knot Ceremony/Tying the Knot Ceremony
  • German Wedding Stein/Cup Ceremony
  • The Vow and Notebook Ceremony
  • Planting Ceremony
  • Asian Tea Ceremony
  • Las Arras (13 Coin Ceremonies)
  • Spanish Lasso Ceremony
  • Floral Ceremonies
  • Hourglass Ceremony
  • The Water Ceremony (there are two different versions of this ceremony)
    • One turns yellow and blue water into green, another through the use of chemistry turns clear water to yellow (sunshine) to blue (water and nurture) to red (passion and romance) to clear again (powerful and pure love)
  • First Communion (Bride and Groom only)
  • Breaking of the Glass or any family tradition that personalizes your wedding

Unity ceremonies can symbolically emphasize:

  • The combining of the Bride and Grooms’ Families.
  • The evidence of your love as a team, working together to create your unity and the marriage.
  • The impossibility of separating your lives and future.
  • The increased power and presence and perfection because of your unity.
  • The uniqueness, differences and similarities of the Bride, and the Groom, as they Become One!

Typically a unity ceremony comes after the bride and groom’s vows, shortly before the grand finale and presentation. They can be great addition to your ceremony, artistically celebrating your vows plus giving you “time to catch your breath” and soak in the significance of what has just happened. Depending upon the type of unity ceremony selected it is also a great time to include your special love song that taps into the emotions of your commitment and love for each other.

Although Unity Ceremonies are typically done in the middle to the end of the ceremony, these ceremonies can also be used to honor and symbolize the lasting ties of your families. For example, having the Mothers (Parents, Grandparents, Family) light the candles or fill the ceremonial sand or glass pouring sets at the very beginning of the ceremony, symbolizes the family legacy that has been passed down individually – generation by generation – to the bride and groom, now to be combined with a continuing legacy to a greater family tree that combines both families past, present and future.

Many unity ceremonies also create a lasting keepsake of your wedding day. These keepsakes are not only beautiful but they are a great and constant reminder of your wedding day, the things that brought you together, and the ingredients that will help your marriage stay together. As you travel through life and your eyes embrace this symbol of your love in your home, you will find it an encouragement and a lasting reward for your forever faithfulness.

Options to Buy

My wife and I are hopeless romantics. We have searched, tried and tested many unity ceremonies. Because of the significance of the unity ceremonies, our belief in the importance of the lasting message, and our commitment to help our brides and grooms create the best ceremony as easily as possible, we are a source for Brides and Grooms to purchase and prepare for their unity celebrations.

We provide the highest quality and options for candles, sand ceremony sets, the unity cross, the unity heart art, and our premier art project, the Fiamma D’Amore (Flames of the Heart) Glass Wedding Ceremony. We have more sand colors and more options than you can believe! If we don’t sell a product, we’ll help connect you with a vendor that does. If you see a unity ceremony you like and want to know how to purchase one and get the components necessary to incorporate it into your ceremony, ask us to help.

Unity Ceremony Options

Here’s a list of the many unity ceremonies that we have had the privilege to participate in. If you plan on having us as your officiant you have the option of us helping you integrate one or more of these into your ceremony. As we begin to plan your ceremony together we will review each of these options with you in detail. Our first-hand experience can be a great contribution to the success of your unity ceremony and to sharing with your guests the meaning and symbolism.

Please note that we can help with your unity ceremony ideas and supplies even if we are not officiating your wedding. For example, we don’t have to preside at your wedding for you to incorporate the beauty of the Fiamma D’Amore Wedding Glass Art into your wedding.