Premarital Coaching and Ceremony Preparation

Investing in premarital coaching is so important to a strong marriage, and our coaching is designed to strengthen your marriage with the things that you are already doing well.

I am ecstatic to share what we have to help strengthen your marriage. I won’t bore you to tears with dull content, but rather encourage your with several super important big ideas to help your marriage survive throughout the years. There are literally thousands of things that could be shared to encourage a marriage, but we’re not interested in boring or overwhelming you. Rather, our intention is to share some proven, time-tested, big ideas in a brief, concise format.

The content that we will share has a proven successful impact on marriages. The percentage of couples that we have had the privilege to serve that are still married, far exceeds the statistics of the general population.

A minimum of two pre-ceremony planning and coaching sessions (approximately 6 hours) are required in order to be married by Pastor Joseph and the Our Forever Promise Weddings Team. Premarital counseling has a statistically proven positive impact on the success of your marriage. These meetings also allow Pastor and each couple to really get to know each other, and knowing each other has a dramatic impact on the quality of your ceremony.

Consider for a moment these statistics on premarital counseling as reported by the Health Research Funding website:

  1. Couples who underwent counseling before their wedding had a 30% higher marital success rate than those who did not.
  2. The median amount of time that a couple spent in premarital counseling before getting married: 8 hours.
  3. 44% of couples who get married today agree to premarital counseling before they decide to take their wedding vows.
  4. The average wedding will cost $12,000-15,000. Premarital counseling costs 1-2% of this amount.

Here’s a suggestion from Pastor Mike Hartwig, founder of Marriage Matters:

“Spend as much time preparing for your marriage as you spend preparing for your wedding!”

Here are several reasons:

  • Your wedding lasts only a day; your marriage is meant to last for your lifetime!
  • While everybody enters a marriage “expecting” it to last, over 50% of new marriages end in divorce. Investing time and energy in preparing for your marriage before it starts is the best way to build a strong foundation NOW that will pay off many times in the future.

You’ve heard the saying “old habits are hard to break”. Use this marriage preparation time to develop new habits that will serve you both well for years to come. You are about to take a step that is literally the most important step you will ever take in your life – embarking on a journey that, statistically speaking, has less than a 50% success rate? With this much at stake (you know, the future of your life), wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to increase your marriage’s chance of providing you the life of mutual love that you are entering into it for? Of course you would! So let’s do this the right way! This is NOT the time to be cutting corners and taking shortcuts.

In our premarital counseling we use material from a number of fantastic curriculums including FOCCUS and Divorce Proofing Your Marriage, by Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg.

The FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) Self-diagnostic Inventory is designed to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship. It is not a test, nor meant as a predictor of the success or failure of a marriage. However, it is a tool to help couples identify their strengths and issues to work through before marriage. FOCCUS provides feedback on where each partner stands in regards to topic areas important to marriage. The results of the inventory point to issues and areas that may need to be addressed in a couple’s marriage. This is one of the most exciting profound tools I have ever seen to help couples rejoice in their relationship and tackle the tough issues in their connection.

See for more information on this great tool!

America’s Family Coaches, divorce proofing your marriage campaign, is a message birthed in the hearts of Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg, to help equip couples through a small group study to learn the biblical principles for a forever marriage.

The divorce proofing campaign is designed to help couples have greater resources to:

  • Endure through struggles!
  • Forgive each other from current and past offenses!
  • Serve each other out of a true heart of love and 100% commitment!
  • Renew the love that brought them together!
  • Celebrate the marriage that God designed for them!

The divorce proof campaign consists of a video series and study. See their website for more resources to help your marriage be a forever success:

One of our favorite resources is the teachings of Dr. William and Joyce Harley, from His Needs, Her Needs

Dr. Harley’s teachings are the most reliable resource I have ever used to help restore marriages that are struggling from infidelity to minor infractions.