Wedding Fees and Honorariums

Wedding Fees and Honorariums for Pastor Karge / Our Forever Promise Weddings

Fees and Honorariums

  • Deposit: Reserves your dates and times $150
  • Consultation/Ceremony Planning Sessions (2 minimum) $100
  • Rehearsal $75
  • Ceremony $100
  • Total $425
We keep it simple and don’t charge anything extra for mileage, hotels, holidays, or late starts.

Additional Costs and Information

Your Iowa Marriage License (see Applying for Your Marriage License)

Unity ceremonies are no charge, but unity ceremony supplies (including the glass wedding ceremony, the unity cross and the unity heart) and music or sound systems and amplification are extra options and depend on your selections.

Prices are negotiable. If you have a special need, active in the military, weekday, Sunday or just really like what you see and know about us and want us to do your wedding exceptions can be made. All you need to do is ask and offer.

Cost of an Officiant in Iowa

We like to be totally transparent so here’s a little more information about fees. According to, professional officiant fees average between $500 and $800. Fees can vary depending on the level of services and the dates you require. The average fee for a Professional Wedding Officiant in central is $300–$500. In the Des Moines metro area, Reverend Dawn Halsted charges around $400 for a wedding and rehearsal, with extra for holidays, travel, and late charges as applicable. Reverend Jamie Paca charges $300 for the ceremony with extras for mileage, hotel and food when applicable. Reverend James Condit in Cedar Rapids charges $300 for a ceremony and rehearsal with 50 cents per mile for travel. Judge Joel Novak, according to a April 10, 2006 Des Moines Register Article can charge up to $200 per ceremony without a rehearsal.

On the other hand you can have a friend or family member go online and get ordained and do your wedding ceremony for free. But beware; there are some potential problems here. See (Friend, On-line ordained or Professional Pastor/Officiant page). Every year we get multiple last minute requests from Brides and Grooms that had this plan, their friend’s nerves got the best of them and they bailed shortly before the wedding.

What’s Included with our fees.

First of all, lots of information.

Almost every wedding officiant will “do whatever you want”, but we do that and more. A great number of our clients have never planned a wedding. They have a mental image of the kind of wedding they want but defining the details is new to them. We inform you about all the options you can possibly have as together we plan your wedding.

Second, at least two coaching and planning meetings.

In a nutshell, we share some incredibly valuable information to help make your wedding and your marriage a success. We get to know each other and we plan your ceremony together.

A Comprehensive Written Order for Service.

This is a big deal, because it will help us be organized, lay the foundation for your wedding programs or board, and help us collaborate our services with your photographer, your videographer, your caterer, Dj, the venue and all your vendors.

The Rehearsal.

Not every wedding requires a rehearsal, but if your wedding day is a sizeable affair that you’ve invested a lot of money in you will want a rehearsal. Rehearsals aren’t just about timing and logistics. They help set the stage and prepare your emotions. I can’t begin to tell you the number of dad’s that have cried walking down the aisle with their daughters during rehearsals.

The Ceremony.

This is one the best parts. I will arrive in professional, cleaned and pressed suit to deliver a ceremony that impacts your heart and life. We don’t use a standard script and show up hoping to get your names right. Each and every ceremony we do is personally written and unique. We usually spend 8-10 hours crafting the ceremony, creating the order for service, taking notes and preparing before and after our meetings.

The Follow Up.

After your ceremony, we will complete and file your wedding license in accordance with the law. If there are any problems we will be accessible and able to assist. Through the years, we have had some couple that have faced trials and troubles in their marriage. With years of wedding planning and marriage coaching,. if you need help we would like to be your first line of defense. Some of our couples connect with us annually. Many connect through posts and comments via Facebook. The greatest reward of our profession is watching your marriage, love and family grow throughout the years.

As your personal wedding officiant and pastor, we spend a lot of time preparing with each couple to experience a wedding ceremony that they will be proud of. A “good” or “great” wedding does not happen by itself. It takes a lot of planning and coordination. We provide an excellent service and typically “charge” more than a judge, many ministers and most ordained on-line reverends.

We believe that there is big difference between “price” and “cost”. If your ceremony gets messed up, the “cost” will be much greater than whatever “price” you paid an officiant. We’ve heard many stories about unprepared officiants, wrong names being said, long boring messages, and service without excellence.

In the long run, it will “cost” you much less to have a first-class professional… someone you can count on to conduct your ceremony properly. But even more important than the work that we do during the ceremony is the commitment we have to your marriage. We are not just committed to investing time in your ceremony, but we also commit to investing in your marriage. In fact we aren’t even interested in “doing” your wedding for any amount compensation, if your marriage isn’t a “forever promise”. Why, because we believe that marriage IS a forever promise! Our commitment to you is to pray for you, serve you and to do everything we can to encourage and provide you with the resources and memories to make your marriage a forever marriage. See (what’s your title in FAQs).

Unlike many officiants, we don’t see our job beginning and ending during your wedding ceremony. By participating with you on your wedding day, we make a lifelong commitment to serve you in any way to help your marriage be a forever marriage. We take a great deal of pride in our services and I will readily admit that we get personally attached to “our couples”. We take very seriously the privilege that you are giving us by allowing us to serve you on this incredibly important day. We hope to earn your respect and be a part of your lives forever. How great it is for us to hear from our couples over the years, to watch their families grow and their lives blossom together.